Senior Executive seeking a partner to help pursue an acquisition.

Owner striving to diversify your holdings and or/retire.

Looking to recapitalize or pursue an acquisition.

Management team pursuing a buyout or growth capital.

Co-owner interested in buying out your partner(s).

We have the experience, knowledge, access to capital and proven ability to close transactions to make your goal become a reality....

Our focus and approach start with understanding your goals. To assist in this process, we developed a white paper titled the Owners Reflection, which we encourage you to download and review.

While we primarily back management teams that have a successful track record as leading companies in their industry, we also pursue transactions in which companies have reached generational or ownership milestones, or where the greatest value proposition is in attracting a new leader.

StoneCreek specializes in helping C level executives, who want to become owner/operators, close the transaction and maximize their upside. Our business model is specially designed to help you turn an acquisition opportunity into a reality by providing complementary capabilities that will increase the likelihood you will be able to get your deal done, from approaching the seller with credibility, negotiating the valuation and key terms, raising capital, and implementing incentive programs to align interests.